Welcome to my website

Since the beginning of my career, I have put a lot of dedication into my learning as a human being and professionally. After a management degree and being part of different startups and businesses, I decided to study Digital Marketing and Analytics and take a Master’s in Data-Driven Marketing with a major in Marketing Intelligence.

I like to think that my passion for learning and fascination with technology brought me here. After doing some background introspection , I describe myself as a person who sees in Data an opportunity to positively impact businesses and the way they connect with people.

I’m happy to say that I’m the Founder of Pure Stay, LDA where I was able to automate and delegate all processes using technology and data. And now I am searching for new international opportunities to develop my self, learn with experienced teams in my study fields and create the best positive impact I can.

In my free time I usually do pro-bono public speaking. And because being healthy is fundamentally important and makes us more productive and motivated, during that time I also do photography, boxing and meditation. As these habits are part of my daily life, it is possible that you will find content and reflections on my website on these topics.

Topics of knowledge: 

Data Analytics | Female Founder |Digital Marketing | Validation | Market Research | Marketing Intelligence | Tech| Innovation | Speaker | Tourism