I was one of the 30 women chosen by Group OLX to receive the training: Women in Tech: programming.

This program is directed at women in the technological area who are finishing their course or recent graduates starting their careers.

We will be able to benefit from this training, for which we will obtain a final certificate and explore tools sought after in the job market by the leading technology companies in the world.

The four-workshop program’s ultimate goal is to create a small ads and classifieds web application. The areas to be addressed in the four sessions are Frontend (HTML and CSS, Javascript and React); Backend (Golang and MySql database); Kubernetes, and AWS. The participants will be evaluated, and in addition to the attribution of the certificate, they will be able to receive prizes for the knowledge demonstrated.

This initiative, part of the general “OLX Women Workshops” project and supported by the “Portuguese Women in Tech” movement, will take place on February 21st, March 21st, April 18th, and May 23rd. OLX Group team will teach the workshops from the Product, Technology, and Data area, namely Fraciele Faccin, Isabel Santos, Daniela Bento, and Rita Catarino.

Thank you so much, OLX group, for the vowel of trust :).


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