One day I heard from a person:

“She doesn’t post anything because she’s simple and doesn’t show off.”

Because I’ll have a Brand Management exam in one day and I heard this affirmation I decided it would be very important to write about branding.

What is a brand?
A brand is something that identifies a seller’s good or service. It can be a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature.

You probably know that products or services can be brands. But, did you know that people, geographic locations, ideas and causes can be also brands?

Brands are very important to people because they can have a symbolic meaning, create a special bond, reduce the effort of searching, reduce risk, increase quality and identify the source of the product. As you can see, brands are an easy way to connect concepts to people all around the world helping them to solve some pains and increasing their quality of life (“of course, if it is properly done”).

Also, within an organisation, brands help people identify themselves, have legal protection, have intellectual property rights, can influence consumer behaviour and secure competitive advantage.

You know… There are many benefits in being a good and a strong brand because, at the end of the day, is the reason why people want to work with you or have a relation with your brand.

If we don’t do branding or put our work out there how will people find it?
Septic people will say… “You know… The best marketing channel is Word of Mouth (WOM) “
Of course, the best marketing channel is word of mouth… But, can you imagine how branding can leverage WOM?

Why wouldn’t you use proper tools to help people share about you, show and celebrate the existence of your brand?

Let’s do an experiment to see how much a brand can have an impact on our perception:

Which chocolate tastes better?


Milka chocolate

This happens because the perception of a brand is what customers have learnt, felt, seen and heard.

In conclusion, you should do what you can to enhance your brand and have the best positive impact you can in peoples lives.


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