I want to tell you how in three months I became super host. And how, in one year, I created my own hosting company and became Airbnb Ambassador.

For me, the first step is to be passionate about what you are creating and put your soul on your purpose. Some people believe that we can create something without working with our own hands on it and without doing the tough work.

I came from the startup world where I heard many times, That’s not a startup, it’s a business. A startup is something scalable.”. Now, I am an entrepreneurship mentor and speaker because I struggled a lot to create my first successful businesses.

And I can say, from my personal experience that if you really want to crate something scalable or not, in the beginning you’ll need to be working on the field receiving your costumers and understanding their needs to crate a meaningful business. This is not my own opinion or theory many founders will tell you this. I recently heard a podcast from the Airbnb founder where I reviewed myself in every word. I really recommend you to hear if you want to create your own business.

Probably, at this moment, you are thinking: “Ok, but nothing of this explains the actions you did to achieve this.”
Well, because I did not have all the money. During my first year I was doing the apartments’ cleaning , changing lamps, changing water heaters, painting walls, dealing with floods. Basically, working to have everything proper when guests arrive, receiving them personally with good energy and smile even in the hardest moments.
In that year I was doing field work, operations, finance, marketing, management and accounting. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask for help. But it means if you want help you will need to pay people or recognise them in any way you can.

Of course, time was passing by and the results started to appear, my scores and reviews started to get higher and higher and in 3 months I became super host and now our business has more than 500 reservations per year.

When my time wasn’t enough to do the cleaning, check-ins, etc… It was time to try to scale with the same quality without forgetting our clients’ needs. It was very difficult and it included investing and giving up a large part of my salary expecting the business to scale. I failed some times trying to do it. But now, when I look back I really think that the secret is to keep evolving, testing new ways of scaling with quality and finding people that you can trust and delegate that task .

It is not easy but overall I think is worthwhile and incredibly gratifying.

If you want to became host, as an airbnb Ambassador I have de duty to help you with it. You just need to register your property through my link where I can help you in real time building your announcement.

Thank you,
Tânia Costa


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