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Do you know how many times I hear people pitching and in the end, I didn’t understand what was the project they were trying to create?

We pitch ourselves for a job
We pitch ourselves to a date
We pitch ourselves to clients
We pitch ourselves to investors
We pitch, pitch, pitch…

Thus, making a good pitch is very important for us to achieve success.
But, what is the secret to doing a good pitch?

A 3/5-minute pitch starts with an elevator pitch, in fact, your elevator pitch is the first impression of what you are trying to “sell”. If people do not understand at this stage what is your project/vision they will not know.

To have a good elevator pitch you should explain which problem do you solve, what is the solution of the problem and how will you make money.

Lets make a quick exercise:

“Does your dog lose a lot of hair? With a broom that ties to the dog, your dog sweeps the hair while losing them. You can find these brooms for € 5 on our instagram.”

To sum up, you should include your elevator pitch in your 3/5-minute pitch. This is how the structure of a 3/5-minute pitch should be like.

  • Introduction
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Business Model
  • Competition
  • Market size
  • Team
  • Results
  • Milestones
  • Call to action

See? How easy is it to share our ideas or vision with others?

Also, to create visual support for your pitch. As the word says, it must be “visual support” for your presentation and not your presentation. My tip is, use as many images as possible to illustrate what you are saying with titles and keywords that will help your memory. And don’t use too much text because the audience will read much faster than you do.

I hope that my content is being useful and that you are enjoying it.
Best wishes,
Tânia Costa

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