The great minds of the past, present and future have something in common…

Everyone likes to read!

But why?

Because “Reading a good book is like talking to the best minds …”

René Descartes

Lately, I have been concerned with growing professionally and personally exponentially. And one of the habits that I have implemented in my life that has awakened my creativity, sharpened my mind, helped solve problems and created incredible habits and methodologies has been reading.

Today I no longer buy books by the cover. Because I believe that people are a reflection of the books they read. For that reason, I read books suggested by people who inspire me and with whom I identify. Among all the books I have read, there have been 5 that have stood out and that have had a positive impact on my life and my mindset at all levels. In consequence, I could not fail to recommend them.

But, I’m gonna stop going around in circles and go straight to the point

It was the best book I read. It is a spiritual book that changes the way we look at ourselves and the world. And it teaches us to look at life positively and to apply the law of attraction in order to achieve everything we want.

This book is the best financial education book I have read. It transforms the way we think and behave about money. It is an excellent pillar of financial attitude that we must adopt on a daily basis.

We have to stop trying to change everyone around us and start changing the way we behave with other people. This book helps us to understand people and teaches us how to deal with them in order to create better interpersonal relationships.

This book creates a spiritual awakening that teaches us to live in the present moment instead of living in the past or the future avoiding depressive and anxious thoughts. It helps us to improve the quality of our time and our life.
It is a book that helps us to cut the relationship with cultural and past anchors and to create new habits in order to create extraordinary people.

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